ANCOP Pioneers Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) in Ghana

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

By Leah Custodio

CFC ANCOP pioneered its first CSP in Ghana starting with 50 Students. The recipients were from the Diocese of Sunyani, particularly in the District of Wamfie and Wamanafo and a few from nearby villages.  These pupils were taken from the lower primary classes. During the Pastoral visit of CFC Leaders from Canada last May 2014, they were able to meet the scholars, the parents and the local organizers lead by Rev. Fr. Frank Kumi, the Parish Priest where the school was located.

In June 20, 2014, CSP Beneficiaries had its first values formation lead by CFC GHANA Missionaries, Edgar Villegas, Bebeth Villegas, Leah Custodio and Jonathan Arthur (MV). The students and parents gathered in the church located near the current school. The program started at 10:00 o’clock in the morning.  

ID cards were distributed to the kids and which they proudly wear. To begin the program, they all recited the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary. To capture their young minds and to keep their enthusiasm, they were taught some action songs by our Youth Missionary, Leah Custodio.  Later, the session was given in the local language by our mission volunteer, Jonathan. The students were taught about the value of education. They were encouraged to study very well and to have the proper attitude towards studies.  They continue to listen to stories about people who have succeeded in their life because of education. It was explained to them that successful people and everyone who dreams for a better future can achieve it with better education.  After the pep talk, they had a simple activity. Each of them was asked to draw on a white sheet of paper what they want to become when they grow up.

Meanwhile, as the kids have their session, the parents were asked to gather separately for their own meeting with the couple missionary, Edgar Villegas and Bebeth Villegas. They talked about the Family as God’s Plan. They also talked about their roles as parents as a major support to the formation if their children. They were encouraged to talk to their kids and to be there for them. To show love and care for their children, especially in their formative years.  Fr. Frank Kumi was the interpreter during the talk. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the parents and make them appreciate their God-given role. Everyone was affirmed and had great appreciation for this great privilege. They also had an open forum and questions about the talk and the scholarship were entertained. When they have closed, they were asked to join and help their kids with their activity.

It is affirming to see the parents as help their child draw their dreams on the paper and put colors to make it come to life. The students have bright hopes; they want to become nurses, doctors, bankers, soldiers, police, footballer and teachers. When they finished drawing, the parents posed with their children as they showed their colorful dreams.

In essence, it is the parents who will make sure that these kids will achieve their dreams and aspirations in the future. Will they become who they want to be? With God’s grace, our continued support and collaboration, we are hopeful that every child will achieve its dream.

As the program draws to its close, the parents and children showed their appreciation to the community by presenting their gifts. The big basin of fruits was gratefully received by our missionaries. One student was celebrating his birthday, so everybody sang a youthful birthday song for the little boy who is very delighted to be remembered on his special day. A prayer was said and everyone shared the grace. All went home, blessed!   (          

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