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News & Events
YCOM is back in the Philippines. The Young Caglieros Outreach Movement, also known as YCOM, is a dynamic youth movement spearheaded by the Salesian Cooperators and CFC Youth for Christ based in British Columbia, Canada.  This Catholic Christian organization established in early ...See more
A Bright New Day to Move Into a Bright New Home
Starting early on a  bright sunny morning of August 9, 2014, ANCOP volunteers and officers, Cross Catholic Outreach (CCO) representatives and residents/home partners gathered in the village of ANCOP Kapatid Community (AKC) to attend and witness the blessing and turnover of new houses. Six...See more
ANCOP Stories
Living as an IP minority in Sitio Target, Pampanga is not easy. In the past few years, there were a lot of attempts to drive away our IP groups from their ancestral lands. With the help of concerned citizens and activists, these attempts failed to materialize, however, these are only temporary stops to this legal battle. Mylene, being...See more
Global Youth Leaders of Korea - ANCOP Build 2014
Global Youth Leaders from Toronto, Canada made their 3rd visit in the Philippines on July, 2014...See more
#156 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Child Sponsorship Program
DIRECT LINE: (632) 709-4852 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 49

Community Development
DIRECT LINE: (632) 421-0368 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 32

DIRECT LINE: (632) 294-7874 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 21

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