CFC Leaders Convene for ANCOP Global Planning

Monday, September 04, 2017

CFC ANCOP leaders and volunteers gathered for the first ever CFC ANCOP global planning on November 4-7, 2015 at the Carmelite Missionaries Center for Spirituality in Tagaytay City, Philippines.


In attendance were all the members of the CFC ANCOP Board led by its Chairman Joe Yamamoto and President Ilagan, the top leaders of ANCOP organizations in Canada, USA, UAE and Australia, as well as key leaders and volunteers in the Philippines.


Also present were members of the International Council namely, CFC Chairman Joe Tale; President George Campos; PFO Director Rouquel Ponte; Metro Manila Mission Director Manny Garcia and members Lito Tayag and Michael Ariola.


The first two days resulted in the updating, recasting, adoption and approval by the CFC International Council and the ANCOP Board, of the ANCOP Vision and Mission statement, strategic goals, projects and objectives.




The mission statement “ANSWERING THE CRY OF THE POOR” has been retained and further explained through the expanded mission statement as follows:


“We foster an environment of caring and sharing in the societies where we are present.


We engage a widening network of partners to achieve Social Justice and Total Christian Liberation.


We help ensure the dignity of the poor.”


A tagline was also adopted i.e. “ANCOP…WHERE CARING AND SHARING HAPPEN”.


The delegates committed to the strategic goal of reaching 40,000 families in 5 years, dubbed as “40@40”, meaning reaching out to 40,000 families by the 40th year anniversary of CFC in 2020 or five (5) years from now.


CFC ANCOP leaders from all the provinces in the Philippines joined on the third and fourth day of the planning for the discussion of the ANCOP strategic goals, projects, objectives and action plans between now and Year 2020.


CFC ANCOP President Jimmy Ilagan also delivered the ANCOP President’s Report. He emphasized that the humble accomplishments of ANCOP over the past year serve as CFC ANCOP’s offering to the Church during the Year of the Poor (2015) which officially opened last November 23, 2014. (Arnel Santos)


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