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News & Events
CFC Leaders Convene for ANCOP Global Planning
CFC ANCOP leaders and volunteers gathered for the first ever CFC ANCOP global planning on November 4-7, 2015 at the Carmelite Missionaries Center for Spirituality in Tagaytay City, Philippines.   In attendance were all the members of the CFC ANCOP Board led by its Chairm...See more
CFC ANCOP Strengthens Partnership with Caritas Manila
CFC ANCOP Global Foundation Inc. and Caritas Manila signed a Memorandum of Agreement  last October 27, 2015 to strengthen the Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program or YSLEP. YSLEP is Caritas Manila’s program to help poor and deserving youth, especially those affected by typ...See more
ANCOP Stories
Danica Obillos belongs to a poor family.  She has to share her father’s meager income as Laborer with two (2) other siblings.  What Danica lacks in material things, God has gifted her with loving and responsible parents, a sharp mind, a patient attitude and a hopeful demeanor. She believes God has a wonderful plan for everyone...See more
ANCOP Global Foundation Video 2015
Watch what ANCOP Global Foundation is doing to answer the cry of the poor.  ...See more
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Child Sponsorship Program
DIRECT LINE: (632) 709-4852 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 49

Community Development
DIRECT LINE: (632) 421-0368 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 32

DIRECT LINE: (632) 294-7874 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 21

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