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News & Events
ANCOP is CFC’s Mission to the Poor
LAST June 17, 2015,the ANCOP Global Summit, the first of the congresses for the 34th anniversary celebration of Couples for Christ, opened with a Eucharistic celebration, with Msgr. Allen Aganon presiding, and members of the clergy from both the provinces and foreign countries concelebrating....See more
ANCOP CSP Produces 1 Magna Cum Laude, 5 Cum Laude, 5 Valedictorians and 2 Salutatorians School year 2014-15 was a banner year for the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) of CFC Ancop. The CSP produced one (1) Magna Cum Laude, 5 Cum Laude and  7 Elem/High School Valedictorians an...See more
ANCOP Stories
When I was asked to go on a mission for the Cornerstone Training in Bulacan, I immediately said yes. I went there last year to conduct the same training, but this time I know that it will be different. I know that I have more to share. I am currently serving as a Chapter Leader in SFC South A and Cornerstone Team Leader at TS Cruz Elemen...See more
FOCUS for ANCOP Global Walk
FOCUS which stands for Fellowship of College University Students from Denver, USA is here for ...See more
#156 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Child Sponsorship Program
DIRECT LINE: (632) 709-4852 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 49

Community Development
DIRECT LINE: (632) 421-0368 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 32

DIRECT LINE: (632) 294-7874 TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 loc 21

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