ANCOP Global Walk 2017 - Extra Mile for Love

Monday, September 04, 2017


The month of May allowed people to once again give voice to the testimonies of those who have experienced the greatness of God, particularly through the activation of the ANCOP Global Walk 2017. The launch was conducted on the 7th day of the month at the Ynares Arena, Pasig City.

This year, the mission core gathering catered the reminiscing of not just the memories but the warmth that the annual event bring to each of the attendees and the joy that it brings to others.

The event head for this year’s AGW is Brother Bboy Arguelles of Central A. He pointed out that love is the reason why we are doing the walk, for love knows no limits and boundaries; and that love is subjected for spreading it to anyone.

Our love should always be encompassing, our love should always be giving of ourselves.” – Brother Bboy

Brother Bboy also stated to the crowd that the AGW is not just an activity or an event, rather it is an advocacy that we should carry on. It is an advocacy of education and an advocacy for the scholars, especially to the families.

And I believe, we in CFC, first and foremost, we are family. And we are families helping other families closer to God. I remember we always talk about ANCOP Global Walk- bringing out families from poverty. But I believe it has to be much more than this. We are giving back to the families; their dignity, which they rightfully deserve, being the sons and daughters of that.”

Today, our society is still on the boat of concerns regarding the education. A large number still exists for children who cannot enjoy and have access to schools. Families are on the verge of providing a brighter future because of poverty.

This is the surfaced challenge for the participants of ANCOP. The goal is to allow families to have, even just one college graduate. This is a way to support them out of poverty, and for them to revel in their dignity.

This year’s theme for the global walk is a calling for others to share the same advocacy. It is a reminder that giving each’s selves is a total gift and also a recapitulate that people must always seek the Lord’s help in every situation.

The gathering also presented the stories of different individuals who felt the delight and gratefulness in an “ANCOP way”.

Sister Neth Logapo, an active participant of the AGW shares their fascinating journey. Sister Neth narrated that before, Brother Joseph - her husband, left his job to be full time vendor since he can provide more through selling peanuts. It is a difficult situation for them but through the Lord’s grace, their source of living grew; from 5 now they have 50 retailers that also operates the business of selling peanuts. Sister Neth conveyed that this may not be a grand change in their way of living but it never hinder them on helping scholars through the global walk.

Since Brother Joseph and Sister Neth became CFC members in 2012, they never stopped attending the event to help the young who aspires for a good education and good future. She also shared that no matter how big or small they have, they did not hesitate in helping others, even the people on the retails for what they have are from the Lord. “Naniniwala po kami na ang hanapbuhay ay biyaya ng Panginoon. Kaya kung may nangangailangan, kailangan tumulong.” (We believe that the livelihood is a blessing from God. So if there is someone in need, then we need to help).

Another sharer is a scholarship beneficiary from Cavite. Shayne Santos, an AGW scholar, who graduated college with flying colors but had a tough start before entering an academe to finish her studies. Her story is an evidence of the immense grace of the Lord through ANCOP, who become her upkeep as she faces the challenges of college life.

Shayne shared that she too received judgements that she can’t make it and that she cannot finish her college degree. She never gave up and instead she takes her motivation through her parents. Shayne concluded her sharing through proclaiming that she is one of the yields of each’s step in the AGW.


This launch is also an invitation for all of us to participate in this year’s ANCOP Global Walk, happening on September 17 at the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta. For more information on how to register, visit or like us on facebook: CFC ANCOP and ANCOP GLOBAL WALK.  Let us walk for the scholars!


By Diana Mendoza

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