Frequently Asked Questions


It is a program founded by Couples for Christ (CFC), a faith based Vatican recognized international lay organization of the faithful tha has a worldwide membership and active in 100 countries and dependent territories, and was made for the purpose of consolidating CFC's effort in BUILDING THE CHURCH OF THE POOR. Shelter building for the poor and child education sponsorship are among its many other programs.

ANCOP is a licensed Social Welfare Agency by the Department of Social Welfare & Development.

ANCOP's tagline is "ANCOP...Where Caring and Sharing Happen"

What is ANCOP`s Vision?

Families in the Holy Spirit Sharing Christ's Transforming Love with the Poor

What is ANCOP`s Mission Statement?

Answering the Cry of the Poor.


Expanded Mission:

We foster an environment of caring and sharing in the societies where we are present.

We engage a widening network of partners to achieve Social Justice and Total Christian Liberation.

We help ensure the dignity of the poor.

Where is ANCOP`s office located?

The Head Office is currently located at #156 20th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

What is ANCOP`s Focus of Work?

ANCOP's efforts revolve around transforming, materially and spiritually the:

  • Child
  • Family
  • Community

What are the programs of ANCOP?

Ancop has two major programs

  1. Community Development
  2. Education

What is Community Development Program?

Community Development is one of the two major projects aimed at directly helping the poor. The program organizes, develops and empowers a community where a poor child and his family can live in decent surroundings to experience life grounded on Christian values, respect and practices.

What are the programs under Community Development?

The following are the programs under Community Development:

a) Shelter – Builds ANCOP Communities by providing housing and common facilities for the poor through multi-sectoral partnerships.

b) Livelihood – Provides the necessary training and/or economic opportunities to become employees, producers, contractors, business partners, savers and investors through sustainable livelihood programs.

c) Health – ANCOP Health aims to support and promote a culture of health consciousness in poor communities by advocating and implementing good health practices such as hygiene, nutrition and preventive health care leading to a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.


ANCOP promotes and implements:

  • Community Based Health Care
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Immunization
  • Medical/Surgical Missions
  • Calamity/Relief Operations

What is ANCOP`s Education Program?

ANCOP’s Education program is aimed to educate poor children. ANCOP believes that education of the poor child and his family is key to poverty alleviation.

What are the programs under ANCOP Education?

Educational Sponsorship Program (ESP) – ESP is a one on-one-sponsorship by a donor partner to a poor child or youth, pre-qualified from the funded communities of the Ancop donor network and CFC Ancop covered areas/target groups.

ESP funding assistance is provided to Elementary, High School and College/Technical/Vocational students. The ESP is funded by Ancop individual or corporate sponsors in the Philippines and by the Ancop Global Walk, other Ancop partners supporting ESP local and international including non-government organizations, academe, parishes and archdiocese.

Cornerstone is a church of the Poor Couples for Christ (CFC) Partnership Program for Education. It has two levels, one for Elementary and another one for High School. The Elementary Program aims to reach out to slow readers in elementary children in public schools through Reading Tutorials and Values Formation. The High School Program aims to reach out to High School leaders through Christian leadership and Values Formation. Family support is provided through the Parenting Formation. The Cornerstone Program is consistent with the core mission of CFC to bring Christ’s transforming love to families and the poor. The very name Cornerstone refers to Christ Himself (Mark 12:10-11).