Bryan Dalma: Blessed and Grateful


After stopping in attending school for almost six years, Bryan Dalma would’ve not imagined himself being where he is right now: a college degree holder and now working as a Livelihood Coordinator for CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. (CAGFI). Bryan, who is from Los Baños, Laguna, was an ANCOP Scholar funded by LandBank of the Philippines who supported his college education from his 3rd year.

For some reasons, Bryan paused his formal education at fourth grade. As the years passed by, his dream of finishing his studies made him decide to enroll again through Alternative Learning System (ALS) which made him accelerate from Grade 4 to college after just two years. He then went to Laguna State University and took up BS Fisheries, making his dream even more tangible.

However, it was still hard for him and his family to finish his college education as their finances are still not enough to support his studies even with the combined efforts of his mother and sister. During his first and second year, he struggled as a working student by doing various sidelines such as a tricycle driver, construction laborer, pest controller, lifeguard, and more sideline jobs that he can do just to support his studies. He even applied as a karate varsity player at their university to receive occasional tournament allowance. He kept with it when he finally discovered ANCOP Educational Sponsorship Program through a professor’s recommendation to his classmate that eventually invited him as well.

Truly, patience will bear great things as he was finally accepted as an ANCOP Scholar with the help of Tita Ruth Villareal, a member of the CFC Handmaids of the Lord – Laguna. From that moment, He was able to focus more with his studies because he’s not taking any sideline jobs anymore. He only aimed in finishing his studies, working toward his dreams even more with the help of ANCOP.

After graduating, he was even more grateful as he was given a chance to work as an employee in CAGFI as a Livelihood Coordinator which started in September 2018. He said that this is somehow a way for him to give back to the community, as well as for the people who helped him achieve his dreams by following their example. Now, by being a Livelihood Coordinator, he is now given an opportunity and a responsibility to improve the lives of our ANCOP home partners in creating sustainable communities through livelihood programs.

Through his experience, he says,

“I’ve realized na hindi pala hadlang o batayan ang katayuan natin sa buhay upang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral. Ang kailangan ay magsumikap at magdasal sa Panginoon dahil walang imposible sa kanya.” (I’ve realized that the states of our lives, even if you’re poor, does not matter. As long as we strive and pray to God, nothing would be impossible because of Him.)

Now, Bryan is truly blessed by the Lord with all the things that are happening with his life, and he is eager to express his gratefulness through sharing the same mission of “ANswering the Cry Of the Poor.” (PMB)

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