Ancop Salutes Top 10 Donors


In the face of uncertainty, like the ongoing COVID crisis and successive typhoons, what moves someone to keep on giving? 

We know it takes a lot of heart.  

Recognizing top 10 donor areas  

That’s why CFC ANCOP is recognizing the top 10 donor areas/countries that rushed to the aid of our needy brethren last year, during the devastating typhoons Rolly and Ulysses that ravaged Bicol and Metro Manila and Northern Luzon respectively.  

The ANCOP family gives a special salute to the following: 

DONOR DONATIONS  (figures in Php) 

1. ANCOP USA                              1,439,000.00                 

2. ANCOP Australia                       800,000.00 

3. CFC France                               311,555.00 

4. CFC UAE                                   300,000.00 

5. CFC MM Central A                    300,000.00

6. CFC Ireland                               281,526.00 

7. Maybank                                    250,000.00

8. CFC MM North B                       225,000.00

9. CFC MM South B                      200,000.00

10. CFC Switzerland                     154,437.00

Sub-total for Top 10:                   4,261,518.00

Other Donations:                           4,029,075.67

Total:                                             8,290,593.67

‘God listens’ 

“The long road to recovery may take a while. But the sense of caring and sharing showed by everyone is enough to implant in the hearts of the victims that God listens to the prayers of His people,” said Efren Tompong, CFC ANCOP Community Development head.  

Tompong also noted how despite the prevailing community restrictions and bad weather, Couples for Christ leaders in Bicol, Northern Luzon, and Metro Manila visited the calamity- stricken areas and brought much-needed food, water, tents, blankets, medicine, and other supplies to the typhoon survivors.  

In Photo: Repackaging of food packs for the Typhoon Victims

Kind gestures 

ANCOP also sent families construction supplies for roof and wall repairs for damaged houses.  

“These kind gestures warmed the hearts of the victims and ignited their hopes of overcoming new life challenges,” added Tompong.  

It can be remembered that typhoon Rolly flattened many homes in Catanduanes, Albay, and Camarines Sur while typhoon Ulysses battered Metro Manila and Northern Luzon with Ondoy-like rains, causing massive flooding. 

In Photo: Bicol Relief Operations for CFC Catanduanes

ANCOP also recognizes the speedy cash assistance of CFC provinces like Leyte, Cebu, Aurora, and Ifugao, as well as from CFC leaders, members, and private individuals from other areas. 

*All donations for the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses came from: CFC International, CFC MM and Provincial Mission Areas, ANCOP Donor Areas, CFC Members, Online Donations and Private Individuals

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