Cezarina Lorel Curada: Choosing the Life in Mission


When we choose a life in mission, it also means we surrender our lives to God in all circumstances. This is what Cezarina Lorel Curada, or Zar as many know her, has been holding onto ever since she became part of CFC ANCOP and the Couples for Christ community. Every day, she always felt grateful to the Lord that she always want to give back and do her best in this life she chose.

When her mother contacted blood cancer when she was still in High School, her father decided to stop working to take care of their mother. This is when they started to struggle financially even more, as they do not have any stable source of income. She was already preparing for college at that time while her brother was still in police training. Though she was given the chance to study on a private institution under a student assistance program, they fear that their finances might not be still enough to make it through, as there are still fees to cover. Zar was truly determined to finish her studies, so she decided to take an entrance exam at Caraga State University, a public institution with high standards. With the grace of the Lord, she made it through this university and took a course that was offered to her, which is Bachelor of Science in Information System.

She had good experiences in college, except when she had to pay for any school fees because this also means that her father would also struggle to find money to pay for it all. One of the hardest struggles she had to go through was a 4-month on-the-job training (OJT) at Davao City, without any financial support from the school or the company. They had to pay for their own rent, food, and transportation. It was too much for her father, which caused her to stop studying right after finishing the training, without the assurance if she might be able to continue. Her father was already struggling to pay for their debts, and they cannot afford to add to it even more.

It was truly hard for Zar, as it is already on the road to graduating in the same year. When she stopped, she tried to find jobs, but to no avail; as she was either underqualified or overqualified for the jobs she applied for. It might be hard to accept, but she continued to hope and believe that God has better plans for her. The blessing of the CFC community taught her of waiting patiently and understanding God’s love and plans. The community also introduced to her CFC ANCOP and its mission of “answering the cry of the poor.” She applied to be a scholar and waited two months for the result. She earnestly prayed to God to be accepted, as she considers this as her last chance to finish her studies.

Lo and behold, her prayers were answered after being accepted as an ANCOP scholar under Agusan del Norte’s ANCOP Global Walk (AGW) efforts. Her life was changed forever, as she was given another chance to finish her studies without worrying about where to get finances. With this, she was able to focus so much on studying; that she was able to graduate strong in April 2015. This blessing has led her into a life of gratefulness, which inspired her to share Christ to others as well—especially for those who are like her who struggle in finishing their studies, too.

Now, Zar continues to live out her life in mission, by working as a Cornerstone Program Coordinator at CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. (CAGFI), currently stationed at the Mindanao Islands. For her, working on the same organization that helped her fulfill her dreams is always an honor to do so. Here, she was not only given the chance to give back to the people who helped her, but she is also doing something she loves to do: mission. With this mission with the poor, her passion makes her stay and do more for other people to see and encounter Christ.

“Grasya po kayo, hindi niyo lang po ako tinulungan grumaduate, kung hindi ay mas lalo niyo pa po akong pinalapit sa Diyos at Siya’y mas mahalin.”

God did not promise that the road would be easy once we choose the life in mission, but what He promises is a life that is full of His grace. Just like Zar, who always chooses to do the mission despite her own circumstances, was surely living a life that is pleasing to the Lord. This is what makes her heart full of joy and gratefulness. PMB, ANCOP Communications

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