Gerry Dela Pena: Pursuing Dreams


“Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.” Carl Von Clausewitz

Gerry dela Peña dreamt to be a part of the army. He was always encouraged by his uncle who is a member of the military and he easily got attracted to its works. This led him to take an examination for Criminology on his desired school in Tarlac.

The good news is: Gerry passed the entrance examination. The sad part is: he cannot get into his desired course and academe because they were not able to provide the payment for the school fees. He then detoured and took a program far from what he first wanted.


Gerry and his family lives in Gerona, Tarlac. His father is a tricycle driver and his mother is a house wife. The small amount from his father’s income were divided to their needs, explaining why it is still hard for them to support Gerry’s finances in college, especially when there is four of them who goes to school.

It was in his second semester during his first year in college when he became a beneficiary of the Child Sponsorship program of CFC ANCOP. He shared that it was a big help for the family for it will not be too hard for them to pay his school fees as well as his sibling’s, and he was able to buy his materials for his requirements.

After four years, Gerry graduated with the degree of BS Computer Science from St. Rose College. He was very happy that he finally received his diploma and is now be able to help his family.

His Childhood Dream

But reaching his dreams didn’t stop there. Gerry then decided to take exams for the army last February 2017 in Fort Bonifacio. After a month, he registered in Camp Odonel. He is now waiting for the training on September.

The encouragements from his uncle and the inspiration from his family invigorated him to pursue his dream since he was a child.

What he’s grateful of, What he wants to share

Gerry is thankful to those he help him and his family in supporting his studies. “Salamat sa sponsor ko dahil tinulungan nila akong makatapos ng pag-aaral.” (Thank you to my sponsor because they helped me finish my studies)

He added that he also hopes to help others someday. “Gusto ko ding makatulong sa mga mahihirap na bata na hindi makapag-aral”. (I also want to help to the poor children who cannot go to school)          

Lastly, he reminded his co- scholars to strive in finishing their studies in order to help their family in the future.

Another ANCOP scholar living in the same community with Gerry is Rebecca Joy Gagarin who also graduated this year and is already employed.

By Diana Mendoza

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