Jelly Rica Garcia: Benevolence in Brokenness


It is usual for subdivisions to accommodate big houses. But beyond that lies a community with lesser sizes of homes, and around the neighborhood lives a college student with a big faith.

Jelly Rica Garcia is a second year college student of Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education in Marikina Polytechnic College. She is currently living with her grandmother, Perferia Garcia, in Marikina City.

One of their means to compensate with their expenses is through their sari-sari store. When she finds her free time, she helps in selling items from it. The pension granted to Lola Perferia through SSS was also budgeted for their daily needs. Jelly found a way to have an additional income through accepting extra jobs.

Have gone solo but faith never crashed so-low

Jelly’s parents did not get married and was separated when she was still in high school. Her father is currently with another family and is now residing in Makati. On the other hand, her mother committed suicide when she was fifteen. Jelly recalled that before her mother’s death, she was worried that due to being jobless, she cannot support the financial needs of her daughter especially in paying her school’s fees.

The battle with sadness has dawned on Jelly especially if there are awarding ceremonies in school and she sees other children being accompanied by their own parents in receiving recognitions. Jelly mostly marched to her awards alone. “Si lola na stroke na po so hindi na po siya nakaka attend. Minsan po nalulungkot ako o naiiyak kasi teacher ko lang po ang nagsasabit sa akin ng medal, wala pong parents. Parang may kulang po kasi pag ganun.”  (My grandmother had stroke so she can’t attend. Sometimes I feel sad or I felt like crying because it was my teacher who accolade my medals, no parents around. It seems like something’s missing)

It was really tough for Jelly to assent the action committed by her mom. The situation caused questions and melancholy but she know that she can carry on for there are no trials given by the Lord that she cannot win.

Shoulder at tough times

Despite of her sorrow in life, she constantly asks for the Lord’s guidance to get her through. “Ako po kasi pag dumadaan ako sa mga pagsubok, hindi ko po nakakalimutang magdasal. Lagi po akong nagsisimba, lagi ko pong kinakausap si Lord na tulungan ako.” (When I face challenges, I never forget to pray. I attend mass and I always talk to the Lord to help me). She added that the Lord is really good in her life because He brought different instruments to help her get through; her scholarship, her titas in the Handmaids of the Lord and the people around her.

Jelly is supported by ANCOP Australia scholarship for two years now. Her ANCOP story started when there were members of the CFC Handmaids of the Lord who attended the last day of her mother’s wake. She was then offered to have the scholarship in order for her to continue pursuing her studies and dreams. Jelly narrated that it was a big assistance to them for she was able to pay her tuition fees, project expenses and other school miscellaneous. For sometimes, the assistance given to her was utilized for her daily allowance or an addition to provide their needs at home. Jelly thanked her ANCOP Sponsor for they are the grace to fulfill her dreams. She hopes that the Lord will bless them and their family.

Hopes and Dream

The eighteen year old Youth For Christ member tells that the community drawn her closer to God. Her experiences allowed her to share how the Lord can be victorious to everyone. She conveyed that the recognitions she received was for her mentor, Lola Perferia. She is really grateful for the love her grandmother grants and she wishes that her mom will always be of guidance.

Her dreams and prayers of being in a decent and stable job in the future are along with the hopes to attain a masteral and doctoral degree, and teach young students. She also looks forward in helping her family and in extending her hands to many.

By Diana A. Mendoza

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