Julius Catapang: Extending the Ladder for the Future


Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. – Donovan Bailey

Enrollment days are commonly a segment of patience and waiting. Students will normally wait for their turn, wait for their schedules or wait until the whole barkada has finished the process. It is a mark that you are about to enter either a new school or a new academic year and semester.

Julius Cesar Catapang from Antipolo, Rizal shares the same scenario with some of the college students whose patience were tested in enrolling. But what adds up to his story is that before stepping into the tertiary level, he waited and prayed to be enrolled in a university.

Julius first dreamt to be a seaman for he believes that it will be the avenue to help his family. But because they are financially unstable, he didn’t pursue going to a maritime school.

Both of his parents have no stable jobs. His father does a sideline in an accounting firm and his mother accepts an on-call laundry work. According to them, most of the time the money they earned are just an addition for their expenses at home. Most of their house expenses are supported by his sister who works abroad.

Journey at School

It is a tough one for Julius. He experienced being on the verge of being out of school because he was waiting for his family to have enough amount of money to pay for his tuition fees. He became a part of late enrollees and also experienced going to school with no allowance or project at hand.

But it never withered Julius’ hopes that he can finish his studies. Through the help of the Child Sponsorship program of CFC-ANCOP, he got enrolled in the University of Rizal System under a two year-course, Computer System Technology. He may not be on the path of turning wheels on the ocean but he found his self, appreciating the course. He graduated this year and aims to continue his studies to where the course is laddered, the BS Information Technology program, on the next three years.

For the Family and the Future

The 18-year-old AGW scholar and Youth For Christ member dreams to raise their family’s life. Seeing his self as an IT specialist after several years, he believes that he will be able to provide for his parents, who are Couples For Christ members and eventually be able to finance his four siblings’ education expenses. They are his everyday inspiration and motivation to get through.

Julius added that ANCOP is a blessing that helped him to experience and enjoy school. He is thankful for all the people who support the foundation especially to those who join the ANCOP Global Walk yearly for without it, he will be doubtful of what will be happening next. He leaves a message for his co-scholars reminding them not to waste the opportunity they were blessed with it.

By Diana A. Mendoza

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