Rachel Bernabe: A New Level of Gratefulness


Last January 8-16 this year, CFC ANCOP Australia held an immersion program for their ANCOP Australia Ambassadors, which were composed of members of the Couples for Christ and its Family Ministries (Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ, Singles for Christ, Handmaids of the Lord, and Servants of the Lord). These ambassadors were chosen by each of their chapters and are assigned to do intensive awareness and initiate fundraising campaigns for ANCOP. They are to visit every household and present the good works of the organization within CFC and extend it outside the community.

One of them was Rachel Bernabe, a Youth for Christ (YFC) from Canberra, Australia. She shared her experience in the immersion through their Newsletter, “What’s Up ANCOP” that was published last February.

In her write-up about her ANCOP Vancouver Homes in Paniqui, Tarlac experience, what she realized the most was her capacity to help the people in need. She said that she was raised to be always grateful, but growing up in Australia where she has access to almost everything from her needs to her wants, she tends to take things for granted. With Rachel’s experience in this immersion, it sparked a different level of gratitude, where she has now kept in mind that some people are not enjoying the basic things she can easily have, thus making her even more grateful and to not take things for granted.

In the Tarlac ANCOP site, they were given the chance to interact with the residents, spent some time playing and sharing stories with the children and families living in there. They also got to help in building some on-going house constructions.

She was personally challenged with the environment, given that she has some health problems like asthma. But despite these challenges, she still recognized that it is incomparable to the challenges of the residents face on a daily basis. This what makes her more grateful for what she has and inspired her to do more in helping the needy. She was also affirmed that even though these residents were financially poor, they are rich with their faith in God, in joy and in love.

“I am so thankful for this rewarding experience and I continue to pray for all the ANCOP donors and beneficiaries. I know in my heart that I must continue to serve the poor in whatever way I can and whatever I do, it will be for God’s glory,” said Rachel.

More than anything else, recognizing that she can help with whatever way she can is what gives God all the glory. She believes that being exposed to poverty in the Philippines and being out of her comfort zone is all part of God’s plan for her. Now, as an ANCOP ambassador, she is now more ready to partake with the mission of “Answering the Cry of the Poor.” – PMB, ANCOP Communications

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