She Would’ve Settled for Drafting. Today She’s an Engineer 


By Brienz Athena Suaberon 

Everybody has a dream, but not everyone has the privilege to pursue it. 

To dream—specially to dream bigger beyond their means—is a privilege.  

Everyone desires to be something more than themselves, to be greater than their circumstances.  

But as no tree reaches its tallest height when planted in soil that cannot sustain its basic needs, no one can achieve what they imagine they could, what they want, without the opportunities to do so. 

‘The right to dream’ 

“Being an ANCOP scholar gave me the right to dream, more so, it gave me the means to pursue it,” explains Patricia Cabacungan, who became an ANCOP scholar in 2010 when she was a high school student at Ilocos Norte Regional School of Fisheries.  

After being asked by a Couples for Christ member to apply for a scholarship, Patricia went on to become an ANCOP scholar from high school all the way until she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the Mariano Marcos State University. 

Reaching for her dreams, Patricia took on civil engineering and graduated from the Mariano Marcos State University. 

If not for ANCOP, Patricia says she would not have been able to pursue her dream of becoming a civil engineer. 

13,000+ scholars and counting 

She would’ve probably settled for a technical vocational course in drafting.  

The program provided Patricia not only financial support for her studies but also hope that she could achieve her aspirations and persevere in her studies. 

The ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. with its 10 years of service has nurtured the soil of dreams of more than 13,000+ scholars’. 

This number continues to grow to this day. 

In its mission to answer the cry of the poor, ANCOP continues to till the soil and share this privilege to dream to those who desire it. 

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