Sheann Rodriguez: Jubilant Heart


“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” 
 – Corrie ten Boom

Graduations are significant to each of us for it is where hats will be off and will be tossed in the air. It is also the time that black gowns would be the “outfit of the day” for the students.


Sheann Rodriguez graduated last May 3, 2017 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines from the degree BS Business Administration Major in Human Development Management. Her education and journey shaped her with a mind full of gratitude and gladness.

Currently, Sheann is applying for a job where she can practice camaraderie and stewardship. She hopes to be part of a human resource department in a company where she can encourage and motivate her workmates. Entering the corporate world makes her nervous and excited at the same time.


School was never an easy way out. Nevertheless, it is where spirit and passion was founded and tested.

Sheann’s family was supported through the work of his father as a tricycle driver. With only an enough amount to spare and use, it was not a smooth flow for them for all three children goes to school. Life is not a tranquil ride then; her father got involved in a road accident, causing him to leave his job for a year. This is also the sole reason why Sheann never hoped of entering college, for she knew that she can’t afford chasing her dreams.

The things she thank for, the way she will give back

Sheann is grateful for she realized that what has happened is not the “ending” of the Lord’s plan for her. Through several individual who serves as an instrument and blessing for her, she got a scholarship from ANCOP. It was the revival of her right to education, her freedom to hope and to dream. She became an AGW scholar for four years.

Now that she is a degree holder, she aims to provide a better life for her family. She also aims to be an HR manager someday where she can lead and help other employees to be better at work. Lastly, she puts her faith that she can also be a sponsor of a child to school through the ANCOP program.

By Diana A. Mendoza

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