What happens when you pair good business & doing good?: Kabuhayan Balikatan


With nearly everyone indoors, online, and thinking about their finances, how do you help others in tough times? 

You can ask ANCOP South B Metro Manila head Jaime Tagle for ideas.  

He has tapped 403 people in his community, Couples for Christ (CFC), through social media — and counting, as of this writing — to join him do good together while doing business.  

*Bro Jaime Tagle of ANCOP South B, made a buy and sell Facebook group which portion of their sales are being donated to ANCOP

“Actually, the concept was taken from the multiplication of the bread. If one would learn how to share despite the hardships of life, then a miracle follows,” Jaime explains. 

On what seemed like a heavenly inspiration, he started Kabuhayan Balikatan for a Cause, an online buy-and-sell group where members are encouraged to donate a portion of their profits to ANCOP. 

Less than a month after kicking off the project, Jaime happily shares that they are now accepting direct donations.  

He adds, “A non-CFC member sent me a private message saying she will donate to ANCOP because she likes the objective of the page even if she has not [made any profit] yet.” 

Expanding fast the group now includes non-CFC members and like-minded people outside South Taguig, Parañaque, and Muntinlupa. 

Kabuhayan Balikatan is in-your-face proof that bad times shouldn’t stop people from making the world a bit better every day.  

To join Kabuhayan Balikatan for a Cause, click the link: http://bit.ly/kabuhayan-balikatan (Arvee Gonzales) 

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