Yna Briones: From Receiving to Giving


As a child, Yna Briones lived a comfortable life. Her parents had decent jobs that can provide more than enough in sustaining the needs and wants of their family. Her father is a policeman, and her mother works for the government, and active members of the Couples for Christ community. She is the youngest child with two older brothers, and they basically lived a life where she doesn’t consider them “poor,” never imagining that their life can change any moment.

It was in her 2nd grade where their life had a sudden turn of events. Her father got into an accident at their office at Camp Crame, falling from the third floor of a building that completely damaged his right leg. This forced her father to retire from his work, and unfortunately, her mother lost her job as well. From having more than enough to sustain their lives, Yna found herself being out of the comfortable life she once lived. Everything has changed—she now realized that they are struggling and now can be considered as “poor.”

Yna with her parents at her graduation

This forced her parents to transfer her from private to public school. She realized the reality of life, especially in public school—everything is small, inadequate, and crowded. She hadn’t even thought about her dreams anymore, especially when she reached college where her parents told her that she might not continue anymore, as her two brothers are on college already.

Briones Family

But the Lord is truly faithful to her, as she came across ANCOP through Youth for Christ. When she was about to enter college, a YFC Coordinator asked her to attend the Youth Camp which she did, and its where she appreciated her life even more and learned to be grateful with what she has. Another good news came after the Youth Camp when she was about to enroll for college, and that is the news of being accepted as an ANCOP Scholar. She was truly delighted with that, knowing that she lessen the burden from her parents, and she was able to continue her studies without worrying about their finances. She took up Bachelor of Science in Architecture and was an ANCOP Global Walk scholar in Metro Manila South A during her entire college years.

Yna is now living a life of gratefulness and witnessing more of God’s goodness as she was blessed by God even after finishing her degree. After her March 2018 graduation, she was offered a job at CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. (CAGFI) as a Shelter Coordinator for the Community Development Program. With this blessing, she was able to appreciate the people that helped her when she was still studying; from being the one of the poor receiving help, she’s now one of those people that give out help to the poor, especially for those who dream of having a house. One of the stories she always looks back in her work was when she visited one of the ANCOP sites, and she asked one of the beneficiaries, “Ano po ang pangarap niyo? Ano po ang dream house niyo?” (What is your dream? What is your dream house?) and replied, “Ito ang dream house ko.” (This is my dream house.)

Yna with ComDev Team at Cavinti, Laguna site for ISO certification audit

“Hindi nalang pala ako nagta-trabaho para kumita, pero nagta-trabaho na rin ako para makakita ng mga taong masaya dahil nabibigyan sila ng tulong. Kung dati, ako ang binigyan ng pangarap para matuloy ito (ang aking pag-aaral), ngayon, parte na rin ako ng mga nagbibigay ng pangarap sa iba pang mahihirap.,” saoid Yna. (I don’t just work for a living, but I also work to see people become happy because they are given help. Before, I was given the inspiration to finish my studies, now, I am already part of the people who gives inspiration to more poor people.)

Her dreams continue to soar, as she is now preparing for the Architecture Board Exam and become a Licensed Architect, aiming to help more of the poor brethren with her profession. She also continues to be an active member of the community from being a Kids for Christ member to a Youth Head in Youth for Christ and now transitioned to Single for Christ. – PMB, ANCOP Communications

The bigger family Yna found in ANCOP
Yna with the ComDev Team

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