Educational Sponsorship

A one-on-one sponsorship program providing educational and welfare support to poor children or youth in Elementary, High School, or College.

The children and youth of CFC ANCOP
Educational Sponsorship Program (ESP) is a one-on-one sponsorship program providing educational and welfare support to underprivileged children or youth in Elementary, High School, College, Seminary Formation, or Technical and Vocational Courses.

ESP funding assistance is provided to Elementary, High School and College/Technical/Vocational students.

The ESP is funded by ANCOP individual or corporate sponsors in the Philippines and by the ANCOP Global Walk, other ANCOP partners supporting ESP local and international including non-government organizations, academe, parishes and archdiocese.

Implementation of the ESP in poor communities is undertaken by Metro Manila sectors and provincial project implementing teams (PIT’s), supervised and monitored by the ANCOP National Education Program team.

The following are the criteria used in selecting the family and child for ESP assistance:

  1. Child or youth must belong to a poor family with a combined family income of Ps 18,000/month
    (in MM) or based on the applicable threshold in the province;
  2. 6-21 years old, in and out of school;
  3. Youth must be single, unmarried and without any child;
  4. Parents must have at least 2 children or if 1 child, parents must be single, widowed or separated;
  5. Each qualified family shall be considered for only 1 sponsored child;
  6. Parents must sign a “Kasunduan” on sponsorship which includes permission for publication in
    website and marketing materials;
  7. Entry level and maintenance grade of 78% in elementary and HS and 2.75 in college, respectively.

Profiles of prequalified poor students from implementing sectors and provinces are submitted to CFC ANCOP Education Program for final evaluation. Qualified profiles are queued to ANCOP donor areas for matching of sponsorship assignment. Funding for elementary and HS can start at any of the ESP quarterly period while college level students are funded at the start of every semester. A queuing process is observed by the Education Program team to ensure “ first come, first served policy” for all applications.

Sponsorship is for a period of one (1) school year, renewable. Each student in elementary and high school is provided Php 12,500 annually while a college and technical/vocational student is given Php 25,500 each year. The ESP benefit package is provided to each sponsored student to ensure his/her well-being and over all development and covers the following benefits:

For Elementary and Highschool
For College, Technical and
Vocational Courses

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